CVS Lite

Designed specifically for the Finance and Insurance industry, CVS Lite easily guides users through the process of appraising the value of new and used cars for the purpose of policy issuance.

Objective pricing information

CVS Lite uses dynamic pricing techniques and numerous parameters to determine the actual vehicle value. The system helps insurance companies manage risk of over-insuring some vehicles (insurance fraud) while avoiding the loss on premium from under-insuring other vehicles. A bandwidth can be set either side of the actual value to suit the needs of the user.

Key benefits

  • Online real-time valuations.
  • Valuations based on current and updated market conditions.
  • Vehicle details from manufacturers.
  • Valuation based on vehicle conditions.
  • Record client details.
  • Authorization levels determine who can change default settings.
  • Display either Retail or Trade price.
  • Graphical representation on price bandwidth for quick decision making.